Credit Repair Software – Best Usage

You’ve no doubt heard of credit repair companies whose job is to improve their clients credit worthiness. What about doing away with bad credit by making usage of credit repair software? Just what is the software and how does it work?

You can count on technology to simplify the most mundane duties. The job of credit improvement is among the most cumbersome tasks ever. And so, the technology folks have created credit repair software, the purpose of which is to facilitate the manual steps to restore credit. Some believe it exceptionally useful, but others say this is not such a great idea.

Let us size up the pluses and minuses of this relatively new tool.

The Pros

Ease-of-use – most people would prefer it to going to a credit repair agency, since it’s easier to buy and install the credit repair software than to discuss their financial problems with strangers. Besides, you would always be scared that you could choose a bad credit repair business and be further cheated out of your already scarce funds.

Efficiency – you can usually rest assured that this software will do a really good job of helping improve your credit and solving your financial problems. Due to ease-of-use, a lot of folks believe it’s more comfortable working with it than with credit professionals.

One time payment – the credit repair software can, in some cases, be bought outright with a single payment. There is no further cost, as there would be with a credit professional. You can own the software to have to use at any time with no more obligations once you have paid for it.

But there are some exceptional “server-based” credit software programs that do require an ongoing monthly payment. However, these kinds of software also have some advantages worthy of serious consideration.

Software of this kind usually gives you quick and reliable customer support when technical glitches appear, as they inevitably will. In addition, no effort on your part is needed when the time comes that new upgrades are made.

The Cons

Customization necessary – while most sellers of this wonder software promise that the program is intelligent and flexible, it clearly cannot deal with all the personalized problems that people with bad credit may have. There are so many angles to fixing credit that just can’t be generalize. That means you will still have to be in the driver’s seat; and when you do so, you had better know how to drive well!

Learning curve – its usefulness is often dependent upon the expertise of the user. The credit repair software is something like a very sophisticated calculator – if you have expertise in mathematics, you can work wonders with it; if you have no grasp on the subject, it’s totally useless. For the layperson with problem credit trying to grasp the nature of credit scoring or work his way our of a huge financial crisis, credit software may present something of a “learning curve.”

How do you decide which software program is the right choice? There are many such programs on the market. It’s imperative that you comparison shop and not purchase the first program you look at, nor fall prey to the myth that higher price always means higher quality. The most expensive and/or the most “trendy” program could turn out to be a bad choice.

Don’t neglect to research carefully! Look at the various credit repair software programs available before you purchase so that you can make a knowledgeable choice.

Why Your Credit Repair Software Should Have An Integrated CRM (AKA Contact Management Software)

I assume that if you own a credit repair business that you are already using a credit repair software. We all know that having a fast and efficient software can become a precious asset to your company and your bottom line. It can help you serve your clients better and gives you a professional look and feel. There are several kinds of credit repair software that you can use for your business. In this article we are going to discuss one of the most surprisingly over looked features to selecting a credit repair software to run your credit repair business.

Why Is Having An Integrated Contact Management Software Essential For Your Credit Repair Business?

Allow me to illustrate this point with an example:

Imagine that you are over a friend’s house for the weekend. It is a major holiday and you want to relax and spend time with friends and family. One particular morning you decide to sleep in a little. Your entire family heads out to the grocery store to purchase charcoal for the BBQ later this afternoon. When you wake up, you walk into the living room of your friend’s house and look for the remote control to turn the television on. What you then notice both baffles you and makes your head hurt.

There are 5 remote controls to choose from. One is for the TV, the other is for the radio player, the other is for the DVD player, and the next two are to control the audio of the TV and to turn on the satellite dish.

You have no clue which one to use. Your friend later walks through the door and he explains to you which is the correct one to turn the TV on. Now do you see how this compares to using an integrated contact management software within your credit repair software? Of course you don’t! No one does! What was the first thing that came to your mind when you imagined the 5 remote controls? Did you possibly think, “we’ll just buy one remote control and program it to function with all the devices.”

Glad to know that we are on the same page.

You see, all of those remote controls have worked together to provide a function. Even though there respective functions were different, it still had the same purpose, which was to be in your control and to complete the tasks that you expect it to complete. Now imagine having just ONE remote control. Integrated to do all the functions that the 5 would do, but this time, all in one single control. Now wouldn’t that just make life a little bit easier?

Not All Credit Repair Software Have An Integrated Contact Management System:

When looking for a software to use for your business it is best to choose one that has all the features that you are seeking after, but integrated within the same credit repair software. Like the example with the 5 remote controls, most of these kinds of Software are the same in that they do not have all of their systems or features integrated within its own system. Kind of like the 5 remote controls, all providing a different function. The reason that your business needs an integrated contact management system is because all of its functions and features are integrated within the same software. So it is almost like using just one remote control compared to the 5.

Having An Integrated Contact Management Software Puts Your Credit Repair Software On Steroids!

Lets say that one of your customers calls you on the phone asking for information. You don’t remember the name this person just gave you before explaining their situation. So instead of feeling embarrassed and asking the person to repeat their name, let alone ask them to spell it out if you don’t know how to spell it, you just type in the cell phone number that they called you from into the integrated search system within your credit repair software and their information will instantaneously pop right up.

Since the software has all its functionality integrated into one single platform this procedure would take no more than just a few seconds. This simple procedure could not be accomplished on a credit repair software that does not have an integrated contact management software. Another feature that an integrated contact management software has is the ability to send emails and letters all from the same system. Imagine the possibilities and easy of just clicking one button and sending your desired customer or prospect an email. This is pretty powerful.

This is very much possible when your credit repair software has an integrated contact management system. You simple would go to the name of the person who you would like to send am email to. Right next to their name is a little icon, you click and a box opens up. You type in your message and click send. That’s it! It is really that easy when you are working with an integrated contact management software.

Those are just one of the few features and benefits when you run your business with an integrated contact management software. So instead of using the 5 remote controls, or running your business without an integrated credit repair software, you can start using just one control and see the difference.

Professional Credit Repair Software – Weighing Pros and Cons

You’re probably familiar with professional credit repair software and its ability to simplify the credit repair business processes. So the question arises in regard to whether using credit repair software will enable the user to fix credit equally as well as a credit repair agency could. Is there the possibility that in the future anyone could use this software to restore their credit on their own, without third party help?

Disadvantages of Using The Credit Software

1. Expensive – the first matter to reflect on when you think of using this professional credit software is the price tag.

Most of the time the professional version is not cheap. Added to the expense there are the resources – money and time – needed to train in using the software to optimal benefit. Everything considered, this necessitates a large outlay for most any credit repair company.

2. Full customization not possible – computers are still not as intelligent as people, nor are they as adaptable.

What takes a fraction of a second for a human being to understand, even the most advanced credit software would require many long hours of careful programming to do the same. Plus, the customization of the software for a specific instance is reliant on the versatility of the person who uses it.

3. Task oriented – your job is credit restoration. However, the credit repair software is programmed to perform specific task, without regard for results. It will fall to you – the credit repair agent – to make sure the final goal is accomplished.

The degree to which the outcome is successful depends upon how well you have set up the tasks in the program. Hence, unless you are skilled in the matter of repairing credit, you will be unable to put the software to optimal use.

Now the Advantages

1. Single payment – even though the software is often pricey, this is in some – but not all – cases a one time payment. Once you’ve bought it, you’ll never have to make additional payments. When you master the use of the software, this should make a powerful tool for your credit repair company. With practice you’ll be using it to even better advantage, which will pay for itself over time.

2. Simplify your job – as we’ve said, the credit repair software is task oriented. Therefore it will break your overall procedure of credit report repair into smaller and more manageable tasks. And it will also tally each task as it is completed, so that you’ll know which task remained to be done. In essence, it will work as an electronic assistant for you, and takes care of organization, not to mention speeding up and simplifying the entire process

3. Boosts productivity – utilizing the credit software will go a long way toward helping you stay organized and reduces follow-up time, thereby bolstering efficiency. This being the case it will enable you to take on more customers and manage them faster and often times with better results. This means you can complete more tasks over a given time period, which in turn translates into higher profits! So it’s clear that using credit repair software has its advantages and disadvantages.

Now that you have weighed the pros and cons of using this type of software, your next step is to research some various programs to find the best value.