7 Things the Best Windows XP Repair Software Should Have

The most popular and widely used operating system developed by Microsoft is the Windows XP. The Windows XP operating system was received well when it was first released back in 2001. However, the Windows XP still has it’s vulnerabilities.

This is why if you own a Windows XP operating system you need a special repair software so you can easily and quickly repair the errors that makes this operating system vulnerable. It is important to have the best Windows XP repair software because these errors can lead to more serious problems such as your computer running slowly and system lock ups.

With the right repair tool you can repair and restore your PC to it’s peak position without spending a lot of money to have a computer specialist make the same repairs. These special repair tools will allow you to repair your Windows XP yourself with a click of a button.

However not all of these softwares were created equal and you have to find the best one you can use. When your looking for a Windows XP repair software you should make sure it has some key features so your Windows operating system can run at it’s peak performance.

Registry Defragmentation: The data in your registry can get spread out on your hard drive and cause your PC to work harder to find the data it needs. Your repair software should allow you to move each data into an optimized position by performing a registry defragmentation.

Hard Disk Clean Up: Your repair software should allow you to free up hard drive space by removing files you don’t need. It should also allow you to pick which files you want or don’t want.

System Information: You should be able to view detailed information on your computer hardware and software. You should also be able to monitor memory and CPU usage details.

Start Up Manager: The start up manager will give you the ability to decide which programs you want to keep and which ones you want to stop from starting up with your PC.

Recovery Center: You need a recovery center so that all the changes you make to your PC using the Windows XP repair software can be saved.

Automatic Updates: Your repair software should provide you with automatic updates so you can have the most recent updates to all the elements of a Windows XP repair.

Easy To Use Interface: An easy to use interface will allow even the most inexperienced computer person to make proper repairs.